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October 26, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things…right now. I love reading about what my blogger friends love, so here’s a random list of my favorite things I am currently obsessing over.


The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

The Alchemist book by Paulo Coelho

I have five copies of this book. It is my ultimate favorite! Most of my copies are a bit different (anniversary edition, graphic novel, written in French), but I have a lot of them nonetheless. The main theme of the story is about how to listen to your heart and follow your dreams. I first read it in high school, then again in college, and a third time after graduation. Each time I’ve read it (and I hate rereading books normally) I’ve gotten something different out of the message depending on where I  was in my life. It’s a quick read, and I definitely recommend picking it up.


AG Adriano Goldschmied Women’s Prima Mid-Rise Cigarette Jean

Ag prima jeans

I recently bought these jeans at Nordstrom rack on super sale, and I am completely in love with them. They are stretchy, so you don’t have to wear them for six months before they’re broken-in and comfortable. I’m a former soccer player, so when it comes to skinny jeans, they usually look like they’re painted on me. The AG cigarette is a slim-fit skinny but with a little more room if you have some leg muscle.


tieks – Matte Black

Black matte tieks

I have been drooling over tieks since I discovered them a couple years ago. I frequently visited the website to fawn over all the beautiful colors, read how they’re made, and see how other girls were styling theirs. However, I just couldn’t justify the price tag; even if they were supposedly the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ll ever own.

Then something magical happened; I went to a designer resale fashion show and sitting to the side was a brand new pair of tieks for $15!! Fifteen dollars! I snatched them up and gleefully danced around looking like a crazy person. Breaking them in took a couple weeks, but now that they have molded to my foot they are so, so comfortable. I walk around a lot at work, so I’ve been wearing them almost every day with no sore feet or blisters! My cost per wear on these babies is already down to practically nothing.


High Brew Coffee Dark Chocolate Mocha

High Brew coffee on shelf

I discovered this cold brew coffee out of Austin, TX at Austin City Limits music festival a few weeks ago. It is amazing! I generally enjoy cold drinks better than hot. I would get the weirdest looks in Indiana when I ordered a Starbucks frappuccino when it was snowing outside. Because High Brew is cold brewed, it’s less bitter than normal coffee. If you live in Texas, you can usually find it at Kroger, Walmart, or Whole Foods. Quite a range, huh? It comes in several different flavors such as Mexican Vanilla, Salted Caramel and double espresso. AND they’re only 60 calories. Double win.


Ruffhides Refillable Chew Toys – Classic Pink with Himalayan Chew

Schnapps the Schnauzer with Himalayan dog chew toy

Okay, this one it’s exactly one of my favorite things, but it’s definitely one of Schnapps’. It keeps her happy and occupied while Im trying to work, so that makes it one of my favorite things too. Schnapps destroys every toy I get her in about a week, even the super tough chew ones. She’s remarkably destructive when it comes to toys for such a small dog. This toy is still going strong after a few weeks. It has a rubber casing with a himalayan dog chew inside. The rubber not only keeps her from eating the entire chew in one sitting but also keeps it from gunk-ing up my rug where she likes to play.

The himalayan chew is all-natural, made from boiled yak and cow milk and then dried for weeks until it’s hard. It’s even safe for humans to eat, although I don’t think I’ll try it. The coolest part- when it’s chewed down to a little nub you no longer feel comfortable with your dog chewing, you can pop it in the microwave and it puffs up like popcorn and becomes a treat. Schnapps isn’t too picky when it comes to chew toys, but this one is definitely her favorite.

So there’s a rundown over what I (and Schnapps) can’t get enough of right now. What are you currently obsessing over that we should try?





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