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November 4, 2015

Are you still wondering when Instagram will roll out advertising to all businesses? (It has.) Do you wish you knew why your Facebook posts aren’t going as far as they used to? I start off every morning scouring social media websites and blogs for the latest social media changes to report to my leadership team, so we make sure we are ahead of whatever is going to be thrown at us.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite social media resources to help you keep your social media game strong.

  1. Social Media Today – This is my favorite, and in my opinion the best, resource to stay up-to-date in the social media sphere. Whether you want to know what changes to expect on Facebook this week- because let’s be real, they change something every week- or you want to see what brands are doing Instagram best, this is my go-to website for all things social.
  2. Mashable Social Media – Mashable is a little slower to report on what’s coming on social media, but it’s a great resource for what’s trending. You’ve probably seen Mashable articles all over Facebook and Twitter, but this is another site I make sure I check every morning.
  3. Twitter Blog – Straight from the source, Twitter’s blog gives their side of the story for their changes. They also post a lot of promo stuff around whoever they’re partnering with at the moment, so you have to sift through that junk to get to what you’re looking for.
  4. PR Daily – Social Media – I don’t generally use PR Daily to find out about upcoming changes, but they highlight a lot of great campaigns. This is better as an inspiration resource to find out who’s doing it right and also sometimes cringing at who’s done it very, very wrong.

The great thing about social media is there is SO much information out there, and people are generally willing to share what they know. Have a question? Share it in the comments!


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