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Beauty & Blowouts

December 7, 2015

Recently, I hosted a Beauty & Blowouts party at my apartment. In my year and a half of living in my little apartment, this was the first time I had more than three people over at one time. I spent weeks decorating and rearranging my apartment for its social debut. In the end, it probably wasn’t too different from how it looked at the start.

Kelsey Vawter, of  Styled by Kelsey V provided the entertainment for the soiree by going each girl’s hair and makeup. Kelsey is a licensed cosmetologist specializing in bridal and special occasion looks, and she’s mobile! Need your hair to look fabulous but don’t want to go into a salon or have a group of bridesmaids in need of hair and makeup? Kelsey will go on-location and meet you where you are. She also does onsite spray tans. I love a one-stop shop!


This was my first time having airbrushed makeup, and I’ll admit, it tickled a bit. But the results were so pretty! (If I do say so myself.) Since the Beauty & Blowouts party was on a Friday, I slept in my makeup, and it still looked great the next day too. Schnapps wasn’t completely sure about the little air compressor for the sprayer. I’m pretty sure it sounded too much like a vacuum, or dishwasher or other strange machine she’s scared of, for her liking.

My favorite part of the sips and snacks we had was Kelsey’s contribution- a cocktail with champagne and schnapps! I believe it will be my new signature drink. *Pins to wedding board*


While one girl was getting her hair and makeup done, the rest of us ate! Here’s a look at what we snacked on.


cheese ball


Schnapps’ favorite part of the evening with begging everyone for food. She knows how to work a crowd. In her eyes, everyone’s there just to see her anyway.



Kelsey started my makeup before the other girls arrived so there would be more time once the party officially started. She requested that we come with slightly damp hair and clean faces, so this look is all hers! When choosing my lip color, I love everything from nude to bright pops of red. Since we were going out afterwards to show off our looks, I opted for a statement lip color.

My hair is ridiculously thick, so it takes approximately a year to curl it, and with the Houston humidity, it stays curled about an hour. We decided to do a blowout so my hair would stay looking good (with the help of dry shampoo) for a couple days.


Carolyn Shaffer, Nicki Evans Photography

Ellen, one of my good friends who also went to Purdue University, although we didn’t meet until we’d both moved to Houston, was next up for her makeover. Ellen chose a statement lip color as well paired with gorgeous curls.

Makeup application Ellen Strupp


Winnie was up next. If you’re looking for a laugh, you need to check out her quirky blog, 4 Winnie-isms. We’re currently trying to talk her into turning it into a coffee table book. She went with curls paired with a more subtle lip. She makes me miss my ultra-long hair, because how gorgeous are those curls?

Winnie Hung makeup application

Winnie Hung Beauty & Blowouts curls

Amber from In the Loop, jumped in the chair next. Her blog is full of fantastic DIYs and photos of her adorable pup Barkley, so you’re going to want to take a look at that one too! While doing Amber’s hair, Kelsey gave the group a tutorial on how to give yourself a blowout. Turns out, the “cool” button on my hairdryer I never knew what to do with, that’s what makes your hair hold its shape. Knowledge.



Nicki, the wonderful photographer of Nicki Evans Photography who took all these beautiful photos in this post, was the last up for her turn in the spotlight. Nicki got a killer fishtail side braid and a natural lip. I played photographer while she was getting made over, so you can see the clear difference in skill levels there.


Nicki Evans Simpson Beauty & blowouts final look

Thank you so much to Kelsey for sharing her talent and knowledge with us for the evening. Seriously, give her a call next time you need to be beautified. And as always, thanks for checking out the blog!


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