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Carolyn + Adam Engagement Photos

August 22, 2016

Since Adam and I met in Houston, I wanted our engagement photos to capture us in some of our favorite places in the city that introduced us. We were on a tight deadline since Adam was leaving Houston soon, and we didn’t know if he’d be back before I joined him in LA. Fortunately, my friend Cam  at Bertuzzi Photography had a shoot in our neighborhood and was able to squeeze us in for a last-minute session. The very talented Kelsey Vawter, you met her here, of Styled by Kelsey V (check out her Girl’s Night Out video, you might spot a familiar face) did my hair and makeup.

I had one vision for our photos: Torchy’s Tacos. They are my most favorite tacos ever and conveniently located just down the street from our apartments. I love them so much anytime Adam asked what I wanted to eat he’d have to specify “other than Torchy’s” because he knew that would be my answer. Still, we spent a lot of time in that restaurant hanging out with friends, toasting to celebratory occasions or just devouring Trashy Trailer Parks (best. taco. ever.), so I knew it had to be featured in our engagement photos.

Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-001 Specifically, the Damn Good sign that covers an entire wall of the Houston Heights Torchy’s location, because I think Adam and I are pretty damn good together.

Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-002 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-005 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-006

When we stepped outside we were greeted by a random parade. Why wouldn’t there be a parade thrown in our honor? But really, I have no idea what it was for, but I won’t complain about the fun photos we got with a mariachi band in the background.

Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-024 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-021

Another shot I knew I wanted was a photo of us in front of the Heights Theater sign. The day of our shoot, I learned you can request to have your names put on the marquee! So, if you’re interested in photos in the Heights area, you should do that.

Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-008 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-013 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-016 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-017 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-019

Street art is another defining feature of Houston. All over the city there are gorgeous murals that serve as incredible photo backdrops, or Instagram photos in my case. 😀 We learned a lot during this photo adventure, like we are super awkward kissing in front of a camera; Adam can’t take a serious photo; and when asked to whisper in my ear, Adam will always whisper “poop.” We have some work to do before the wedding. Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-025

Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-030 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-031 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-029 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-032 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-026Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-025Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-028 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-027 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-025










Then we headed back to my apartment so Schnapps could steal the show. I mean really, look at that furry face. She loves a camera.


Look! A wall.


Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-058Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-062 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-072 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-078

Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-074 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-070 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-064 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-055 Bertuzzi-Photography-Facebook-Optimized-031






Hope you enjoyed our photo adventure as much as we did! You really can’t go wrong with tacos.


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