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September 7, 2016

Adam jokes that my Facebook life is twice as fast as my real life. In November we took some holiday photos with Le Zu Photography and were flooded by responses from people who thought they were engagement photos. Oops. I am guilty of loving being in front of a camera, so when Layla from Le Zu Photography asked if I would do a bridal shoot with her so she could test a new location, I jumped at the opportunity. So if you’re wondering, no this isn’t my dress. Although I have bought mine, and I am obsessed with it!


This jacket’s lining totally sold me.

Dress: White by Vera Wang | Jacket: Ted Baker London (similar) | Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson Aviators

Pretty sure I should wear my leather jacket in my wedding too. It was a little toasty wearing a jacket outside in Houston’s summer heat, but the result photos were totally worth it.


Is this graffiti backdrop not incredible? It was so much fun getting to twirl around in a poofy dress. We only got a few confused looks from people in passing cars. I guess it’s not everyday you see a photoshoot in an EaDo parking lot.

There are soo many pretty shots, but if I posted all of them full-sized you would be scrolling for days. Below is the gallery with the rest of the photos. The next time I get to do this, I’ll be a real bride in my actual wedding dress!

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Whew, you made it to the end. Good job! As I embark on my wedding planning journey, I want to know, what’s your best piece of advice for the planning process? Let me know in the comments!Carolyn

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