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May Favorite Thrift Finds

May 16, 2018

Between a month of super slow Poshmark sales and spring sample sale season, I’ve tried to pull back on my thrifting this month. I’ve limited my Goodwill runs to once a week and focused on only buying either high-end pieces or taking advantage of sales such as Goodwill SoCal’s $2 day. I honestly hadn’t found a ton that got me super excited lately. I’d walked out of thrift stores without buying anything several times, which is kind of unheard of for me. However, I finally struck gold and found these beauties that nearly made my heart stop! Drum-roll please…

Chloé Bridget Scalloped Suede & Tulle Pump

Retail $670 | Mine for $49.99

Chloe Bridget Scalloped Suede Pumps

While dashing through Goodwill on the $2 women’s clothing Mother’s Day sale, I decided to check out the shoe section. Since shoes weren’t included in the sale, it was the one place in the store that wasn’t crammed with people. I nearly started hyperventilating when I spotted these navy suede Chloé pumps and picked them up to discover THEY WERE MY SIZE!!!

The thrift stores around me have started getting a little crazy with their shoe prices lately. Next to my Chloés were a pair of old Matisse boots (retail ~$200 forever ago) also priced at $50. To compare, I bought brand new Matisse boots at their sample sale for $40 a couple weeks ago. Some Coach heels were $80 and very fake Chanel boots for $200. Anyway, as much as I hate when Goodwill hikes up the prices on their stuff, I am thrilled to add these to my closet for just $50.

NWT Velvet by Graham & Spencer Adali Embroidered Jacket

Retail $238 | Mine for $6.50

Velvet by Graham & Spence NWT Velvet by Graham & Spencer Adali

The only thing better than thrifting designer pieces is thrifting new with tags designer pieces! Admittedly, this fringe jacket is a little boho for my everyday look. However, it is perfect for our upcoming music festival adventure! The embroidery is really beautiful as well.  My husband hates it. lol

The first thing I do when I walk into a thrift store is beeline for the new rack. Our stores continually roll out new racks of clothes throughout the day, and most of the time, that’s where I find my favorite pieces before they even hit the floor. That’s exactly where I found this piece waiting for me. Thank you to whoever spent over $200 on this jacket and then donated it without wearing it. We should be friends.

New Circus by Sam Edelman Bond Bootie

Retail $100 | Mine for $25

Circus by Sam Edelman Bond Bootie

How often do I wear 4 inch heeled leather booties around the beach? Not that often…BUT they are black and gold! I obviously could not leave these never worn Circus by Sam Edelman booties behind. The leather is like butter, and the gold metallic block heel makes these booties stunners. Thanks to my alma mater’s black and gold school colors (which were also my wedding colors), I have a deep love of all things/clothes black and gold. These aren’t reselling for a ton, so I take that as a sign they should make themselves at home in my closet. I’m going to need to get a bigger shoe rack. Between thrifting and the Matisse sample sale this month, I’ve added more shoes to my collection than I care to admit.

So there you have it, my top three thrifted finds in May (so far). Have you been thrifting lately? What was your favorite find?

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