Poshmark Best Practices

May 31, 2018

ThriftedLA Poshmark Best Practices Have an overflowing closet? Looking for a way to get rid of your old clothes and accessories and make some money doing it? Meet Poshmark, a fashion marketplace app/website for buying and selling new and used clothes, shoes and accessories. I’ve put together some best practices to help you get the most out of the platform.

I’ve been selling on Poshmark since 2012. By day, I am a Brand Content & Social Media Manager (world’s longest title) for an athletic apparel brand, and I love getting to use the marketing skills I’ve honed through work to make some extra money reselling clothes in my free time. Knowing how to write product descriptions, optimize for search, style and edit photos, and monitor market trends have contributed to the success I’ve had on Poshmark. Here are some tips to get you started.


Brand name clothes sell best because they are more easily searchable. The more time you spend on the app, the most familiar you will become with which brands and styles sell best.

Styled cover photos help boost sales. I’ve found people will spend more money on listings with good photography. It takes more time, but it’s definitely worth it to style a flat lay for the first image of your listing. I usually use my iPhone X to take photos and this light kit for lighting. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment to get good photos as long as you have some natural light. I do most of my listing in the evening after work, so I need some extra light for my photos.

Sharing is Caring

Share items in your closet to “Posh parties” for greater exposure. They happen four times a day and have themes or specific brands highlighted for each party. When you share to a party, you have the opportunity for people who are not following your closet to see what you share. The more eyes on your item, the better your chances someone will love and buy it! If someone shares one of your listings, share one of theirs in return. Follow and share closets with similar items in similar sizes. You probably have similar customers, and that seller might become a customer too!


Look up the item in the same size to see how much others are listing it for before pricing yours. Also look up the style or similar styles that have sold to see what people are paying for it.

Price each item higher than what you want to make from it. People want to submit offers, negotiate and feel like they got a good deal.  I usually list my price about 20% above what I want to sell it for so I have room to drop my price and still make money. Keep in mind that Poshmark takes a 20% cut from the final sales price. It’s a little high, but Poshmark gives me a platform to sell on, a customer base and marketing. If I had to do all of that myself, I’m positive it would cost much more than the 20% they take from my sales.

Product Description Details

  • Item name
  • NWT = new with tags/NWOT= new without tags
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Describe any wear if used
  • A couple sentences about what makes it unique/where you’d wear it or general description fluff. Use SEO keywords here so your item appears in searches.


You can connect Posh to your checking account and transfer sales money directly into your bank account. There is no charge for this. You can also request a check to be sent with your funds. OR you can keep the money as credit, and if you buy something off Poshmark, it will come out of your credits.


When someone signs up for Poshmark using your referral code, they get $5 credit for joining. When your referral makes their first purchase, you get $5 credit. It’s a win-win! Speaking of, if you haven’t signed up for Poshmark, you can do so here. (Thanks!)

If you already have a Poshmark account and would like some feedback from me on your closet, leave a link to your account in a comment below. Happy selling!

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