Welcome to my blog! Join me as I share tips and tricks for how to live the champagne live on a budget. I am an avid thrifter and sample sale devotee and will share some of my favorite thrifted, consigned, and sample sale finds in Los Angeles, with special appearances by my Miniature Schnauzer, Schnapps.

I am a full-time social media manager and copywriter who also freelances on the side. In my free time, to help fuel my thrifting passion, I run an online resale boutique on Poshmark.

I graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Professional Writing and English Literature, so you can say I have a passion for words. And fashion. This blog is a place for me to combine my loves and hopefully share some useful information for you, my reader.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Feel free to leave a comment and introduce yourself or use the contact form; I’d love to meet you.